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Three more mayoral races declared – bringing total to seven races in eight West Island towns

Voters in Dorval, Baie d’Urfé and Senneville will be casting ballots to elect a mayor on Nov. 3 as candidates have stepped forward to challenge the incumbents in the last few days.

In Dorval, incumbent Edgar Rouleau will be facing challenger Marc Barrette.

In Baie d’Urfe, Mayor Maria Tutino was being challenged by James Williamson, but he pulled out of the race. A new challenger, Jacques Lorrain, has registered his candidacy earlier today.

And in Senneville, incumbent George MacLeish will be facing Jane Guest.

This brings to a total of seven mayoralty races in the eight West Island municipalities. Candidates are also vying for the top council spot in Pointe Claire, Beaconsfield, Kirkland and Ste. Anne de Bellevue. Races for borough mayor are also happening in the three boroughs of the city of Montreal in this region – Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Ile-Bizard-Ste-Genevieve and Lachine.

Ed Janiszewski, the longstanding mayor of Dollard des Ormeaux, is headed for acclamation if no other candidate steps forward by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 4.


  1. I’m absolutely disgusted that none one candidate has stepped forward in DDO. Every other town in the West-Island will have a potential new mayor or some new blood as councillors that might make some actual changes to how things are run. Instead, we’re left with a man with a giant ego and a bunch of cowards with no backbone who hide in a corner whenever this mayor disagrees with them. What a sad day for Dollard and a sad day for the West-Island. Enjoy getting fined for playing hockey on the street or in the rinks and enjoy your large environmental spaces such as the man-made Centennial park while other towns in the West-Island have actual forests and parks to call their own. In addition, enjoy your tax increases (when you thought that being demerged meant lower taxes) with the giant surplus that your town boasts about at a time when you should be paying lower taxes for the money that you give this town. What a joke.

  2. As of Friday, October 4th, I am also an official Candidate for Mayor of the Town of Kirkland.

    To update you on the electoral campaigns for Mayor of the Town of Kirkland, I can tell you that if I am elected as the Mayor of the Town of Kirkland that I will seek new revenue without increasing municipal taxes to fund improvements to our quality of life to help make the Town of Kirkland a better place to live in a Future City.
    To benefit our local residents I will seek community partners to share municipal facilities such as the Aquatic Centre in the City of Pointe-Claire until we have our own indoor swimming pool at a Centre des Citoyens Kirkland Citizens Center for the health and wellness of our local citizens with aquatic and fitness programs that best meet the needs of our senior citizens and the mobility challenged for instance with improved accessibility to aquatic programs that offer swimming lessons giving all an equal opportunity to register in the Town of Kirkland sponsored year round swimming lessons to qualify for entrance to local outdoor swimming pool facilities funded by the Town of Kirkland and for the national training and certification of registered swimmers as potential lifeguards for new employment opportunities worldwide.

    I decided to declare my candidacy as Mayor of the Town of Kirkland to offer local residents my leadership and ideas to help make the Town of Kirkland a Future City. I’ve had enough of raw sewage dumped into the Meadowbrook Creek that has for far too long contributed to the pollution of the Meadowbrook Creek of the City of Beaconsfield, Lac St. Louis and the St. Lawrence River. I’ve had enough of public meetings held behind closed doors, a practice that is illegal in the Province of Ontario. I would be transparent by seeking to netcast regular public meetings of the Mayor & Councillors held once a month in a different municipal district chalet. And I would seek to tender for sale the municipal town hall building to help reduce the municipal payroll and benefit budget of $10,042,270 and the budgeted $6,112,950 this year alone to service the long term debt loans estimated to be $36,700,000 in 2012 under the previous administration of incumbents Mayor Meaney and Councillor Gibson running for Mayor of the Town of Kirkland

    I can tell you more of my ideas given the opportunity to debate the issues at for instance a CBC Radio Noon-West Island Gazette co-sponsored Meet Your Local Municipal Candidates weekly public forum at Fairview Centre. At that time, I can tell you more on my proposal to open the Kirkland Library to the general public every weekend as it is now closed in the summer months from mid-June to Labor Day. We can have community forum on how together we can make a difference in our quality of life when we welcome newcomers and recognize registered volunteers with a Town of Kirkland sponsored Reward/Loyalty Card to all who support non-profit community organizations, parent teacher committees and registered charities with benefits of membership that includes offers of discounts on municipal goods and services, discounts on purchased goods from preferred businesses and professionals with seasonal invitations to special events such as an Annual Volunteer Award Dinner & Dance. As a Group Benefits Consultant, I can also seek to offer to all Kirkland residents with each Tax Assessment Notice a Guaranteed Issue Association Plan Life, Health & Dental Plus Group Benefit Plan administered by the Town of Kirkland Alumni Homecoming Association in partnership with the Town of Kirkland.

    I also want to help establish a community sponsored Farmers’ Market and neighbourhood community gardens by urban growers supported by regional farmers in each municipal district park to stimulate and bring to local public markets the Town of Kirkland locally grown and locally produced goods for display, sale and homegrown talents supported by live mini-showcases at regional public markets in Greater Montreal with local urban growers, artists and artisans welcomed to meet and greet newcomers and neighbours to a permanent welcome centre, angora and local marketsquare at the Parc des Benevoles-Volunteer Park.

    Voting on the advance poll date of Sunday, October 27th at the Kirkland Town Hall or on voting day Sunday, November 3rd can help to give me the support I need over the incumbents Meaney and Gibson and the acclaimed Councillors for the Mayor & Council to begin to work together to help us make the Town of Kirkland a Future City and to welcome all to discover Kirkland from now and during the 50th Anniversary of Expo 67, Man & His World in the year 2017.

    To help as a registered Volunteer and to donate to my campaign, call or email me anytime or drop by Le Marche Public Gare Beaconsfield Heritage Train Station Farmers’ Market on the Thursday of your choice between 3:30PM to 7:30PM to meet with me while you shop local, buy local from our preferred vendors in association with Le Marche Gourmet,

    Daniel La Tour, B.A., B.Ed
    Candidate for Mayor of the Town of Kirkland

    (514) 695-3542

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