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Kirkland election cards full of errors

  • Kirkland town hall will re-issue voter reminder cards.
    Kirkland town hall will re-issue voter reminder cards.
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Kirkland officials are advising residents that the yellow voter reminder cards sent out last Friday may contain erroneous information regarding candidates, districts and polling stations for the Nov. 3 municipal election.

As a result, new blue cards with the correct information are being issued as a replacement. As it is not possible to determine with certainty the number of incorrect cards printed and the addresses at which they were delivered, the city will be distributing a new reminder card to all electors over the coming days.

Until the arrival of the blue card, Kirkland electors can validate the information pertaining to electoral districts, including voting hours, polling locations and list of candidates on the city’s website ( by clicking on the Nov. 3 election link.

Although the new blue cards are being dispatched after the Oct. 27 advance poll, the information on the yellow cards was fine since there was only one polling station at city hall for all districts.

There is a three-way mayoral race in Kirkland. Longtime Mayor John Meaney is facing longtime councillor Michel Gibson and newcomer Daniel La Tour, an insurance consultant.

There are also councillor races in four districts, including three incumbents who are vying for e-election.

Four incumbent councillors were returned to office without opposition: Luciano Piciacchia (District 2), Tony Di Gennaro (District 3), John Morson (District 6) and Paul Dufort (District 7) were all acclaimed.

Kirkland district races

District 1
Michael Brown
Neil Semenchuk

District 4
Shahla Amiri
Spencer Haywood
Sophie Mohsen
John Scherer
Domenico Zito (incumbent)

District 5
Maxime Savard
Brian Swinburne (incumbent)

District 8
André Allard (incumbent)
Karen Cliffe
Nancy Kokinasidis
Peter Rakobowchuk


  1. PETER RAKOBOWCHUK HAS Not Been straight with residents of district 8!
    .He does not live in district 8..people have the right to know he is a candidate that does not live in their district. very misleading..people should know before nov 3rd. Peter Rakobowchuk lives in district 7.

  2. Residents are being deceived. Peter Robowchuk does not even live in my district. People should be told that they are possibly voting for a candidate who is misrepresenting himself
    Why is this being allowed by the city..I know it is legal.but misleading citizens is wrong
    Help educate our district 8.

  3. I have many people mention the district 8 issue of the transparency of M.Rokobowchuk. They have posted comments but they have not

  4. By Karen Cliffe

    There was a error of the day in French..stipulating Saturday instead of Sunday.
    Polling station set up violated procedure
    Conduct of certain candidates at polling station
    Also demographic manipulation.. Alta vista street which was a big cross pipe area switched district before election.this district was a strategic area .
    There has been an official complaint at the Directeur des elections du Quebec.. For election procedure violation.

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