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Ste. Anne de Bellevue

Hawa elected mayor in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (with full council results)

  • Paola Hawa declared mayor in Ste. Anne de Bellevue.
    Paola Hawa declared mayor in Ste. Anne de Bellevue.
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Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue has elected its first woman mayor.

It was a resounding win for lawyer and former councillor Paola Hawa. Hawa received 1,082 votes. Her opponent, former police chief Paul Chablo, received 922 votes. A total of 56.8 per cent of the town’s 3,622 elibible voters, or 2,056, cast ballots.

“It feels amazing,” Hawa said as supporters applauded. “Hard work pays off. It’s about running a clean campaign.”

Chablo was gracious in defeat.

“The citizens have decided to give Hawa another chance. I wish her the best.”

Here are the detailed results:

Mayoral race:
Paola L. Hawa: 1,082 – Elected
Paul Chablo: 922

Council seat 1:
Dana Chevalier: 118 – Elected
Manrico Biscotti: 65
Jay Van Wagner (incumbent): 59
Mario Séracino: 10

Council seat 2:
Ryan Young (incumbent): 182 – Elected
Gerry Lavigne: 173

Council seat 3:
Andrée Deschamps: 118 – Elected
Lise-Anne Briand: 112
Claude Tellier: 101
Roger Brun: 12

Council seat 4:
Daniel Boyer: 106 – Elected
Jim Anderson (incumbent): 81

Council seat 5:
Yvan Labelle: 266 – Elected
Denis Comeau: 147

Council seat 6:
Michel Boudreault: 314 – Elected
Johanne Raymond: 144



  1. By Louis Gendron

    Not sure what he means by give her another chance. This is her first time at Mayor. She was a councilor before, with the worst team in the annals of Ste. Anne’s. Now she will by Mayor and have a good council. Congratulations Paola.

  2. By best wishes!

    I hope that by this time we could stop caring about, or even mentioning, the gender of the mayor, and focus
    on the mayor’s platform, knowledge and vision.

    I agree with Louis Gendron– saying Mayor Hawa has been given ” another chance” sounds as though she had done
    something wrong in the past and now had an opportunity to make up for it . Au contraire. Clearly the town
    believes she. has been doing things right., and look forward to seeing her. enact her platform and continue
    to work with citizen input, as she did as a councillor.

    Best wishes to her and the council ,

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