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Same-sex kissing gets couple booted from Pointe-Claire restaurant

  • Le Manoir brasserie (pictured here in an archival photo) has security video footage of couple kissing.
    Le Manoir brasserie (pictured here in an archival photo) has security video footage of couple kissing.
    Photo credit: Allen McInnis/THE GAZETTE

After lesbian couple Carolyn Shaughnessy and Jessica Goldberg were ushered out of Le Manoir brasserie in Pointe-Claire last Friday for exhibiting public displays of affection, Shaughnessy wrote about her experience on her Facebook page.

Word travelled quickly on the swift wind of social media and within 24 hours Le Manoir owner Peter Sergakis had posted an apology for the incident on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

He apologized again during a radio interview, but added that the restaurant has surveillance video that shows the couple making out for 16 minutes.

“I would love to see that footage,” Shaughnessy said. “I know what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. We were exchanging little, soft kisses. We weren’t groping each other. I’m furious.”

Sergakis told The Gazette that the video footage from the restaurant’s security system showed the couple standing while kissing and touching in the corner where Shaughnessy was making a phone call.

“I’m very open-minded. I own (gay clubs in the village),” Sergakis said. “Did the girls do anything really indecent? I don’t think so. But was it appropriate for the restaurant? I don’t know. If I had been there, I wouldn’t have asked them to leave, but I would have tried to make them understand why they should stop.”

Shaughnessy, a 19-year-old Dawson student, said that when the manager asked them to stop kissing, they returned to their table. When they began kissing again, at the table, the manager came and asked them to leave.

“I’ve been to Le Manoir many times and I’ve seen heterosexual couples going at it,” Shaughnessy said. “Nobody said anything. I should never have to feel ashamed of my sexuality.”

Shaughnessy doesn’t want the manager to lose his job over the incident, “but I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” she said.

Sergakis said he wanted to see the security footage because he wanted to verify that what his manager was telling him was accurate.

“So far it is. But there is no footage of what happened after the girls sat down at the table,” Sergakis said. “The 16 minutes is of them standing. I haven’t fired or suspended the manager because I’m still investigating. There were other witnesses, so I’m talking to them.”



  1. Would you kick out a strait couple for kissing for 16 minutes? An hour? What is decent between couples and why were they asked to stop in the first place? Love is cute….where is the romance, people?

    Kiss west islanders!

    • Why did Mr. sergakis apologize and did not stand by his Manager??? A restaurant is not the place to grope or fondle your partner… POINTE FINALE… Gay or straight inappropriate behaviour is just that INAPPROPRIATE…. I saw how you BOTH acted while you we’re being interview so do not act like you are all innocent… Keep your lovemaking at home or get a bloody room!!!! I do not need to watch you both finger each other while I am having my burger …. Thank you very much!!! Enough is enough!!!! SHAME on mr. sergakis for showing ZERO respect towards his employee!!! KUDOS to the Manager for having the cahoonas to do the right thing and for the two young “ladies”. Keep your sexual acts in your bedroom,,,,you both need to learn some ETIQUETTE because its obvious you have NONE. Thank you

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  4. I don’t care who you are, who you love – a restaurant isn’t the place for it. Just because you feel like doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

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  6. Depends how intense and long the kiss was…it’s bad manners whether one is gay or straight to exchange spit and entwine tongues in it for home. Thank you !!


    Karen and Jenny: You have misunderstood the whole point or you are playing dumb in order to evade the real issue which is the intolerance that two girls faced for kissing each other. Everybody knows that everybody should be modest in how they display public affection. Whether they were or not modest is so TOTALLY NOT the question that we should be posing to ourselves. The question that we should instead be posing to ourselves is: whether these two women would have received the same negative reaction had they have been one man and one woman.

    I think not. I think not because the establishment bills it self as a family restaurant. The adjective, “family,” is often a term that is used by homophobes to indicate that only heterosexuals are favoured. Furthermore, I have often been witness to heterosexual public displays of affection that have been so explicit and so overt that the participants should have been fined, but people tolerated such displays. If heterosexual couples can benefit from societal tolerance of their explicit behaviour, then so can a homosexual and/or lesbian couple.

    Why can’t you face it? It was the act of two girls that were kissing that was the true problem and nothing else.

    Do you know what we need in society? We need to have more basic values clearly defined. One of those basic values should be that there is nothing wrong with sex. We need such a basic value because so many people are brought up with ridiculous and archaic mystiques, notions and beliefs over sex. Such voodooism screws them up as well as disturbs the emancipated people around them.

    • Neal dude, put away the soapbox. So, because we have a different opinion on what constitutes appropriate behaviour in public, Jenny and myself are playing dumb? Why, how very democratic of you. Personally, I have few taboos regarding sex , I grew up in a era of openness and adopted the same but I do understand what is polite behaviour in a public place and what is not.
      I was not at the Brasserie Manoir during the incident and I am fairly sure, neither were you which is why my comment was directed generally. The girls say it was nothing, the manager kicked them out – she said/he said. Tough call, which is why I made the umbrella comment regarding manners. ” Just because you feel like doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.” If the manager tossed the girls based on his own homophobia then, absolutely, he needs to be accountable however, again – we did not witness the incident and therefore can only comment on generalities and in general, I don’t appreciate anyone sucking face in a restaurant, a place for dining and conversation. A simple kiss is one thing, sucking face is another matter and I don’t care if the couple is straight or gay.

  8. By Neal Bangia

    Karen, are you looking for an argument? Yes, you are. You were playing dumb then and you are playing dumb now.

    I repeat that that which constitutes or does not constitute appropriate behaviour in public is not the point here. IT NEVER WILL BE!!! The point is that if inappropriate behaviour is tolerated, in spite of its being unacceptable, then it should be tolerated both ways. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    For the sake of argument, let us say that the girls were too explicit in their displays of affection (which is neither for either of us to affirm, nor deny). Shaughnessy said, “I’ve been to Le Manoir many times and I’ve seen heterosexual couples going at it,” and that nobody said anything. I wholly believe her based on my experiences, as related below. Consequently, she and her partner should have been left alone to expect the tolerance that is otherwise shown to heterosexual couples who are just as explicit.

    … And, sometimes, just plain icky and yucky: In the metro, I have seen, plenty of times, men and women smooching and in restaurants, I have also seen men and women kissing and nibbling food from one another’s mouth. I would like to see this with two men and two women. Especially in a restaurant that is billed as being family-style. Quite frankly, it would be refreshing.

    Given the latter point that I just made, I actually believe that we should be especially more tolerant toward same-sex couples, because of the history of, and ongoing, intolerance shown toward gays and lesbians. A sort of affirmative action, if you will, at least until homophobia is completely cleansed from the planet and homosexuality is widely seen as being perfectly normal and commonplace and not as a deviation from the norm or even as a novelty, for that matter.

    I hope that I have made myself crystal clear. Do me a favour by trying to understand that which I have written and accepting it instead of trying to rework it into another subject altogether.

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