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Ile Bizard

7 teens arrested in Ile-Bizard and Pierrefonds-Roxboro face multiple charges

Seven teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 were arrested in Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Île-Bizard-Ste-Geneviève on Dec. 4 following a two-month investigation into a gang allegedly terrorizing local children.

The accused face multiple charges, including armed robbery, armed assault and intimidation.

Montreal police launched the investigation after they received complaints from parents in Île-Bizard who said their children had been victimized by a gang of teens since mid-September.

The accused are alleged to have threatened victims in public places, taking their money. They are also accused of sending victims threatening messages. Investigators say the victims were allegedly threatened with weapons or physically assaulted.

On Dec. 6, police officers from Station 3 organized a meeting with local community organizations to talk about the arrests and to encourage them to offer support to families who may have been victimized.

Three of the accused are known to police for their participation in other violent crimes. Two of the accused were arraigned in youth court Dec. 5. The five other accused were released with certain conditions in place and with promises to appear.

Police are asking young people who witness or are victims of intimidation to report the incident to a parent, teacher, school monitor or psychologist and to call 911. An anonymous call can be made to Info-Crime, 514-393-1133.

Children who have been or are being victimized can also contact Tel-jeunes. Visit for details.


  1. Intimidation? Isn’t that what this police force was doing to Michael Applebaum when they were demanding to have a 3 day work week? In no way do I trust this police force. If officer 728 hadn’t of been filmed, she would still be working there.

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